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We prioritize the needs of your business and adapt our recommendations exclusively to your herd.



Innovation and sustainability drive all our operations and are embedded in our philosophy since the beginning of our business.

Animal Nutrition and Management

Nuevo incorporates a specialized team of animal scientists and veterinarians, highly experienced and with technical competence, and offers livestock producers, integrators and feed manufacturers a wide range of products and services on animal nutrition, genetics and health; the objective is to help them produce safe, high quality food products and increase productivity and economic returns in a sustainable way.


Nuevo produce and provide a wide range of products for the livestock industry









Tailor made nutritional solutions


Specialized team, highly experienced, with technical expertise

Cooperation with worldwide leading companies

Circular Economy in practice

Surplus Food Project

Valorization of surplus foods through processing into high quality feeds


Our mission is the continuous support to our customers in order for them to produce high quality food products at minimum cost. Nuevo provides a growing portfolio of products and services spanning all the livestock sectors.

Our state-of-the-art production and warehouse facilities are located in the industrial area of Schimatari, 50Km from Athens. Nuevo’s premix plant is designed and built with the highest standards in production technology and food safety and incorporates the latest technology in premixes and feed supplements manufacturing and quality control management. The company is certified with I.S.O 22000:2005 for food safety and ISO 9001:2015 for quality management and all operations and production processes comply with the GMP and GHP standards and FAMI QS.


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