nuPhoria, a natural plant bioactive formulation

nuPhoria®, a dietary plant bioactive formulation that efficiently triggers anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant responses in broilers

Savvas Dimitriadis, Nuevo SA,

In order to evaluate the effect of nuPhoria® supplementation on broilers’ anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant status, a trial at the Agricultural University of Athens, Greece (Laboratory of
Nutritional Physiology & Animal Nutrition) was conducted. The aim of the trial was to evaluate the effect of nuPhoria® on broilers’ selected liver and gut function biomarkers.

In total 182 one-day-old, male Ross-308 broilers were allocated in 2 treatments. All experimental treatments received a maize-soybean meal basal diet in mash form formulated to meet Ross-308 nutrient requirements. The first treatment received a basal diet without nuPhoria® supplementation (control) whilst the other treatment with 1 Kg/ton nuPhoria® respectively.

The results obtained by nuPhoria® inclusion clearly show that in a commercial production environment the significant improvements demonstrated in antioxidant and antiinflammatory capacity along the intestine would lead to a more stable digestive environment and improve biological performance, particularly under conditions of disease and/or environmental stress.

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