Surplus Food Project

The growth of the world population implies increasing consumption of animal protein leading to increased demand for grains for the livestock industry. It is more urgent than ever to use alternative, economic raw materials in animal nutrition which promote both the sustainability and the protection of the environment. The use of former foodstuffs in animal diets constitutes common practice in European countries. At food manufacturing level there are always unintentional and unavoidable food losses which prevent foodstuffs from reaching the human consumption market; however, their nutritional value for animal feed purposes is not affected at all.


Since 2015, NUEVO has entered into partnerships with some of the country’s largest food industries by collecting and processing large amounts of surplus foods into feed, thus contributing in minimizing food losses in the food chain.


In all the stages from structured and organized collection, storage and processing of former foodstuffs to placing of the feed in the market, NUEVO complies with several essential EU Regulations and Directives. Our Quality Control Department ensures the implementation of a Quality and Food & Feed Safety Management System according to the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:2018 and FAMI-QS Standards.


Our message:

  • We are Part of the Food Chain
  • We Process Surplus Food NOT Waste
  • We create economic benefit to our customers
  • Fresh from Food factory to farms

Energy Mix is produced with a special procedure which valorizes former foodstuffs and turns them into high nutritional value feed that maximizes the economic return.

EFFPA is a European Association the members of which process former foodstuffs into feed for productive animals. Nuevo is the only Greek company which is a member of the EFFPA.