AviPremium® is a complete range of products based on tributyrin, a triglyceride of butyric acid that helps maintaining the integrity of the intestinal mucosa.


AviPremium® products are based on tributyrin, a triacylglycerol of butyric acid (EU Reg. 1831/2003; FDA 21 CFR 184.1903).

Tributyrin is the most concentrated derivate of butyric acid on the market. The tributyrin in AviPremium® is more stable and has superior organoleptic characteristics than butyric acid.

AviPremium® products are an alternative to Na-butyrate.

In AviPremium®, the butyric acid from tributyrin is chemically protected and delivered where butyric acid can be effective. The esterification with glycerol allows the butyric acid to be released in the intestine due to the action of pancreatic lipases. The microencapsulation of AviPremium® allows further advantages and efficacy at the intestinal level.


The full range of products is composed by:

AviPremium® L based on liquid tributyrin (85% butyric acid).

AviPremium® D, a concentrated source of tributyrin in powder form (55% butyric acid).

AviPremium® S where the tributyrin is microencapsulated within a vegetable lipid matrix according to the digestive characteristics of swine (25% butyric acid).