AlphaSoy is the world’s best performing protein source for piglets, it is designed and produced to drive optimal health and performance in antibiotic free feeding systems.


How do we achieve this?

  • AlphaSoy is up to 16% higher in Net Energy than other comparable soya proteins
  • Our careful manufacturing process improves the digestibility of the protein in soy bean meal (SBM), unlocking additional nutritional potential by increasing the digestibility of all key amino acids by an average of 3%
  • Our expertise in nutrition enabled us to create a product with a healthy fibre profile which is ideal for piglets, this is achieved through:
  • A unique balance of high digestible carbohydrates (CHO) and low fermentable carbohydrates
  • Whereas soybean oligosaccharides with their prebiotic properties, have not been removed
  • Anti-nutritional Factors (ANFs) are reduced to safe levels and the product is manufactured to GMP+ standards giving full assurance of quality, consistency and traceability


As a result of this unique profile – AlphaSoy delivers better feed performance (gain, intake and FCR) than all competing soy protein products, it also delivers the same performance as animal proteins but at a much lower cost.