nuPhoria, a natural plant bioactive formulation

Savvas Dimitriadis, Biotechnologist, Nuevo S.A,

Global egg production has witnessed a notable increase of 24% over the last years from 61.7 million tons in 2008 to 86.7 million tons in 2020 (FAO). In today’s production-oriented market, it is the quality traits of an egg that affect its acceptability by the consumer.

The Haugh Unit is a quality trait that has been widely accepted throughout the world as the “gold standard” for quantifying the internal quality and freshness of eggs and constitutes the correlation between egg weight and the height of the thick albumen. It is the only objective measurement of “freshness” and corresponds very closely to consumer preferences. The higher the number, the better the quality of the egg (fresher, higher quality eggs have thicker whites).

The combination of public attention to the quality standards of poultry products and the European Union’s ban use of antibiotic growth promoters has motivated the animal nutrition sector to consider natural feed additives as effective antibiotics alternatives.

Nuevo’s dietary plant bioactive formulation is a science-based product that focuses on quantity and quality improvement of egg production.
A trial conducted in January ‘22 at the Experimental facility of Layers (Laboratory of Nutritional Physiology and Animal Nutrition, Agricultural University of Athens) has demonstrated the positive effect of nuevo’s formula supplementation in layers’ feed in respect to laying rate percentage, egg mass and Haugh unit calculation.

According to above results, nuevo’s dietary plant bioactive formula showed statistically significant differences in comparison with the control group (no supplementation). Hence there is a clear indication of the substantial contribution of nuevo’s formula to the enhancement of productive and quality parameters of eggs.

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